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The International Institute of Migration and Development (IIMAD) is a centre for academic research devoted to all aspects of international migration. IIMAD aims to advance new thinking of migration and to be India’s largest interdisciplinary research network in the field of migration and regroups a new nexus of international migration experts. We believe that migration is going to be a part of our life and we wish to establish ourselves to create a platform for debate, research, policy analysis and community engagement on global, national and local scales. IIMAD also has the aim to collaborate with government and non-government organizations that deal with Refugees, diasporic migrants, and migrant workers in the region.

The International Institute of Migration and Development tries to serve as a node in the domain of migration with excellence in cutting edge academic scholarship which fosters practice-oriented research and policy formulation pertaining to international migration. The IIMAD breaks the academic drought on this indispensable area of migration howbeit often being ignored. The IIMAD with its distinguished scholar community works to develop a new thematic pathway and facilitate the future scholars to disseminate knowledge through academic publications, data banks and conferencing. Our firm commitment to intellectual exploration and widening participation from across India and around the world builds as an agglomeration of migrants voyaging for the betterment of migrants.