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International Conference on Migration & Sustainable Development: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward

Published on June 26, 2023


Event Date

December 15, 2023 12:00 am (IST)

Event Venue

Location - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development acknowledges migration’s contribution to sustainable development and includes migration as a topic that touches on all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Furthermore, the SDG’s tagline, “leave no one behind,” makes it clear that inclusive sustainable development must include migrants. At least ten of the 17 goals have indicators and targets specifically related to migration or mobility. Countries now face a variety of additional migration data issues and reporting requirements as a result of the inclusion of migration in the 2030 Agenda. In addition, this offers a significant chance to enhance migration data. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development acknowledges mobility for migrants and their communities, is a significant engine of sustainable development. With the transfer of knowledge and financial resources, it improves the lives of communities in their countries of origin and brings about considerable benefits in the form of skills, a stronger labour force, investments, and cultural variety. The advantages of migration should not just be viewed in terms of what immigrants can provide to a particular region. The connection between migration and development is far more nuanced than previously thought; migration will depend on the political, social, and economic developments in possible destination nations. Poorly managed migration might also have a detrimental effect on development (endangering communties and migrants). Communities may be strained and migrants may be put in danger. Migration is a multidimensional phenomenon that cannot be addressed by one area of government policy alone, according to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. In order to ensure that migration and migrants’ needs are taken into account across all policy areas, laws and regulations, from health to education and from fiscal policies to trade, IOM adopts a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to migration governance.

About the Conference

Centre for Labour Studies and Practices, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and International Institute of Migration and Development (IIMAD), Kerala are jointly organizing two days international Conference on “Migration and Sustainable Development: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward”. Academicians, practitioners, and policy experts will all be present at the proposed conference. It will aid in the consolidation of research findings pertaining to many newly developing viewpoints and policies on the Migration  and Diaspora, giving better insights into the link between the migration, diaspora, home country, host country, and transnational and their role in achieving sustainable development goals 2030. The conference will cover both theoretical and practical topics in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the theme. Conference themes and sub-themes are listed below. All related pertinent themes and issues are welcome, though.

Tentative Sub-Themes

  • Migration and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Migration and Green Economy
  • Return Migration and Sustainable Reintegration
  • Invisible and Undocumented Workers
  • History of Migration
  • Migration and Development Strategies at Natioanal and International Level
  • International Labour Standards and Conventions
  • Diaspora, Remittances and Development
  • Migration and Global Culture
  • Politics, Racism, Citizenship
  • Gender and Migration
  • Methods and Data in Migration Studies
  • Any other relevant theme

Conference Organizers

Dr.Irudaya S Rajan

Dr.Ruchi Singh

Two Days International Conference on
Migration & Sustainable Development: Opportunities, Challenges, and Way Forward”

15th – 16th December, 2023

Program Schedule Day 1- Friday, December 15th , 2023
08:30 A.M – 9:30 A.MRegistration
        9:30 A.M – 10:30 A.MInaugural and Welcome Address ( Armaity S Desai Hall)                                          Dr.Bino Paul About the Conference Keynote Address Dr.Ram.B.Bhagat Vote of Thanks
10:30 A.M – 11:00 A.MHigh Tea
11:00 A.M – 01:00 P.M   Thematic Session 1 (Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 2 Online Theme : Migration and Sustainable Development Goals Chair: Dr.Manish Jha (in person) and Dr.Amba Pande (Online)
1:00 P.M – 02:00 P.MLunch
02:00 PM – 03:30 P.MOnline Panel discussion on ““Migration & Sustainable Development: Opportunities, Challenges, and Way Forward.” Dr.Binod Khadria Jenny Wright Dr. Ravi S. Srivastava Paddy Siyanga Knudsen Moderator– Dr.Ram B Bhagat
3.30 P.M- 3.45 P.MTea Break
03:45 P.M – 05:00  P.MThematic Session 3  (Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 4 Online Theme : Diaspora, Remittances and Development Chair: Dr.Abdul Shaban (in-person) and Dr.Sadanand Sahoo (Online)
5:00 P.M – 6:30 P.MThematic Session 5 (Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 6 Online Theme : Drivers of Labour Migration Dr.Naser Ul Islam (in-person) and Dr.Anu Abraham (Online)
Rapporteurs           Ishita Kapil and Mayurakshee Priyadarshini

Two Days International Conference on
“Migration & Sustainable Development: Opportunities, Challenges, and Way Forward”

15th – 16th December, 2023

Program Schedule Day 2 – Saturday, December 16th , 2023
9:30 A.M – 11:00A.MThematic Session 7 (Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 8 Online Theme : Migration and Development Strategies Dr.Kunal Keshri (in-person) and Renato Galhardi (Online)
11:00 A.M – 11:15 A.MTea break
11:15 A.M – 01:00P.MThematic Session 9 (Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 10 Online Theme : Gender and Migration Dr.Nandita Mondal  (in-person) and Dr.Smita Tiwary (Online)
1:00 P.M – 02:00 P.MLunch
2:00 PM – 03:30 P.MThematic Session 11( Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 12 Online Theme : Invisible Forced Migrants and Undocumented Workers Dr.Parivelan  K M (in-person) and Dr.Rakesh Ranjan (Online)
3:30 P.M – 3:45 P.MTea break
 3:45 P.M – 05:00 P.MThematic Session 13 (Armaity S Desai Hall), Session 14 Online Theme : Emerging Issues in Migration Dr K.P. Asha Mukundan (in-person) and  Dr. Muneer Illath (Online)
5:00 P.M – 6:00 P.M( Armaity S Desai Hall) Valedictory Address: Dr.S Chandrasekhar Way Forward: Dr.Bino Paul Concluding Remarks Vote of Thanks
RapporteursIshita Kapil and Mayurakshee Priyadarshini

Zoom Link for all the sessions is mentioned towards the end of the document.

Technical Sessions Day -1

Session 1: Migration and Sustainable Development Goals (Armaity S Desai Hall)

S.noTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
111:00 A.M 11:15 A.MAbdul Gafoor KPDoes the financial well-being of migrant labourers play a critical role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals?
211:15 A.M 11:30 P.MRachel Irene D’SilvaThe Globalization ‘milieu’ of the City: An Ethnographic Study: Mapping the Local ‘Free Food’ Programmes’ for its Migrants
311:30 A.M 11:45 A.MSreedevi RSLabour Migration and Sustainable Economic Growth: A Case Study on Decent work and Informal Economy
411:45 A.M- 12:00 P.MKiran JohnsonHow to manage Migration for Sustainable Development?: Policy Implication
512:15 P.M – 12:30 P.MRajveer Kaur Ritu, Prabhjot Kaur and Dr. Amanpreet Kaur.Deciphering the Nexus of Climate Change, Agriculture, and Migration: Perspectives from African and Asian Realms
612:30 P.M – 12: 45 P.MReet BishnoiExploring the Dynamics of Agricultural Labour Migration from Bihar to Haryana: Causes, Challenges, and Socioeconomic Implications”
712:45 P.M – 1:00 P.MSonchita DebnathThe Role of Migrants in Clean Technology Adoption

Session 2: Migration and Sustainable Development Goals (Online)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
111:00 A.M – 11:15 A.MKulwinder kaurAlleviating Poverty through Migration: A Comprehensive Review in Pursuit of SDG 1
211:15 A.M – 11:30 P.MDr.Pankaj Kamal Shankar KumbharLiving no Migrant Behind: Situational Analysis of Progress of Migrant aligning with Sustainable Development Goals
311:30 A.M – 11:45 A.MOishee SarkarEnvironmental Migration and Sustainable Development: Bridging the Gap through Sociological Enquiry in Context of Sundarbans
411:45 A.M – 12:00 P.MRishiraj SinhaThe Making of Exploitative Practices in the Tea Industry of India.
512:00 P.M  – 12:15 P.MDevapriya TP, Ananya A PMigration, Well-Being, And Sustainable Development: Assessing the realities of Internal Migrant Student’s in Delhi NCR
612:15 P.M – 12:30 P.MAnvisha DwivediMigration and Sustainable Development
712:30 P.M – 12: 45 P.MBhabya, Atul KritiFrom Rural Exodus to Urban Influx: Understanding the Dynamics of Internal Migration in Post-Independence India
812:45 P.M – 1:00 P.MAkshay BarikDecent Work, Migration and Sustainable Development for the Invisible Indian Truck drivers in Europe
91:00 P.M – 1:15 P.MStanzin AngmoRural-Urban Migration: Impact on Elderly Living Behind in India

Session 3 : Diaspora, Remittances and Development (Armaity S Desai Hall)

S. NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the paper
13:30 P.M – 3:45 P.MApala SahaThe Diaspora that belongs Nowhere
23:45 P.M  – 4:00 P.MApala MandalLetters and Lamps: Community Education and Outreach in the Hindu Diaspora in London
34:00  P.M – 4:15 P.MNischal Tevetya ,Shriti PathakThe interplay of the Korean cultural wave on Mania, Cuisine and Dialect: A Case Study on Delhi
44:15 P.M  – 4:30 P.MSakshiGastronomical Spaces as Cultural Tendencies in Amit Chaudhuri’s Odysseus Abroad
54:30 P.M  – 4:45 P.MKiran JhaMarriage and Migration: The Immigrant Stories

Session 4 : Diaspora, Remittances and Development (Online)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the paper
13:30 P.M – 3:45 P.MNoureen HamidMigration to Medina: An Analysis of Development in the Formation of the State
23:45 P.M  – 4:00 P.MFathima H R , Yasin , DISHA SRI BHUYANNRI Migrants’ Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals: Opportunities and Challenges- A Case Study on United Arab Emirates
34:00 P.M  – 4:15 P.MDrashti Rushabhbhai VariaUnveiling Cultural Resettlement and Commercial Evolution: Contrasting Polarities within Gujarati Diaspora Folk Narratives
44:15 P.M  – 4:30 P.MAmrit PalMigration, Remittances and Development: A sociological analysis of Doaba Regions of Punjab
54:30 P.M  – 4:45 P.MAnupam RoyDiasporic Migration and Transcultural Kinship: A Reading of Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace
64:45 P.M – 5:00 P.MYauvana Roja MCritical Analysis of Inclusive Growth deferrals in Rurban Settlement
7 5:00 P.M – 5:15 P.MMrs.Shreya SinghGauging the Indian Courtesy of Vasudheva Kutumbakam: Admission and Exclusion of Parsi and Rohingya Refugees in India
85:15 P.M – 5:30 P.MAnshika SrivastavaMigrant Women Workers: A Gender Inclusive Framework: Addressing Climate Change, Migration, and Health
95:30 P.M – 5:45 P.MBhawana KhatiAmidst Migration, Livelihood and Identity, the Demand for a New State of “Gorkhaland”: A Study of Migrants from Darjeeling District in Delhi

Session 5: Drivers of Labour Migration (Armaity S Desai Hall)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
15:00 P.M – 5:15 P.MMuhammad Rishad A PThe Return Migration and Reintegration of Gulf Migrants during COVID-19 in Kerala
25:15 P.M – 5:30 P.MMukta SharangpaniRolling a Bitter gourd in Sugar doesn’t make it sweet: The Kitchen as a site of meaning making in multigenerational immigrant homes.
35:30 P.M – 5:45 P.MMohai Menul BiswasMental Health among Higher Educated Migrant Youth: A Study in Kolkata City
45:45 P.M  – 6:00 P.MSabeena KhatoonContextualising Teacher Education in a Global World: Preparing Teachers to Teach People in Conflict
56:00 P.M – 6:15 P.MSuraya RoyA Case Study on Temporary Out-Migration from West Bengal

Session 6: Drivers of Labour Migration (Online)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
15:00 P.M – 5:15 P.MDivya BalanReturning Home from the Gulf: A Policy Analysis of the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Gulf Migrants to Kerala Society
25:15 P.M – 5:30 P.MShabnam T PReturn Migration of Women Domestic Workers from Kerala: Mapping the Lived Experiences and Migration Governance
35:30 P.M – 5:45 P.MGwmsath MushaharyUnderstanding the Causes of Bodo Tribal Youth Migrant Workers from Left-Behind Parents.
45:45 P.M – 6:00 P.MSudeb PalEviction of Mill Workers in Girangaon Area, Mumbai: The Force Mobility?
56:00 P.M – 6:15 P.MBudhadev MahantaMigration Data Sources in India: Snag of Discharging Policy for Migrant Workers
66:15 P.M – 6:30 P.MDickey ChoedonPolitics and Citizenship: Voices of Young Tibetans in India
76.30 PM-6.45 P.MMr Harshit NigamPoliticising Migrants and Sustainable Development for Repatriates: A Critical Reading of Shyam Benegal’s Mammo (1994)

Technical Sessions Day -2

Session 7: Migration and Development Strategies

(Armaity S Desai Hall)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
19:30 A.M – 9:45 A.MHrudanand MisraLabour Migration in India: A Case Study of Alang Ship Breaking Yard
29:45 A.M – 10 : 00 A.MMadhusmita JenaEducation in Exile and SDG 4: A Study of Refugee Children in India
310:00 A.M – 10:15 A.MAmmalu K SasiaExploring the Social Determinants of Migration from Kerala to the United Kingdom: A Qualitative Study of the Working-Age Population
410:15 A.M – 10:30 A.MKhushi AhujaMigration, Identity and Urban Resilience: A Socioeconomic Exploration in Gurgaon
510:30 A.- 10:45 A.MMohd Imran KhanSocial Remittances from Gulf: Absence of Husbands and the Autonomy of Wives in Kerala
610:45 A.M – 11:00 A.MMr.Ahsan Ahmed , Dr.Anjali MehraMigrant workers in conflict hit Kashmir valley: Livelihood vs. security.

Session 8:  Migration and Development Strategies (Online)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
19:30 A.M – 9:45 A.MPunya S RajAn Oscillating Pattern of In-Migration in Kerala
29:45 A.M-10 : 00A.MPreetiDelineation of Peri-Urban Area: A Case of  Panipat City, Haryana, India
310:00 A.M – 10:15 A.MNarayanan N AThe Early Travancore Migration to Northern Kerala and the Later to the Rich Economies: A Tale of Two Migration Generations
410:15 A.M – 10:30 A.MKavitaInter-Linkages between Family Networks and Inter-State Marriage Migration in Rohtak District, Haryana: A Micro Level Study
510:30 A.M – 10:45 A.MShaukatAn Analysis of Migration Trends and Patterns of Counter-Magnet Areas: A Strategy for Decentralizing Urban Population of the NCR-Delhi
610:45 A.M – 11:00 A.MJamshid , V. NirmalaEffect of Migration on Inclusive and Equitable Quality Higher Education in Malappuram District, Kerala
711:00 A.M -11:15 A.MMrs.Anzamol Ansari , Mrs.NirmalaRole of Gender-Wise Migration in Sustaining Household Income – A Case Study of Kochi City, Kerala
811:15A.M– 11:30 A.MMiss.Tashi wangmoAnalysis of Return Migration in Himachal Pradesh

Session 9: Gender and Migration  (Armaity S Desai Hall)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
111:15 A.M – 11:30 P.MPreeti DeviCan Gender Gap Explain Haryana Declining Female Work Participation Rate?
211:30 A.M – 11:45 A.MMehak BahlWomen and Migration in the Indian Context
311:45 A.M- 12:00 P.MPragati UbaleExploring the Link between Migration and Dating Abuse: A Study on Youth Vulnerability
412:00 P.M  – 12:15 P.MShama MehrolDistressed Migration of Informal Safai Karamchari Valmiki Women from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh
512:30 P.M – 12: 45 P.MRishabh VermaWomen on the Move: Exploring Workplace Disparities and Opportunities among Migrant Women in Guangdong’s Economic System
612:45 P.M – 1:00 P.MDhanraj Dashrath DangeMigration and Marginalization of Women of De-Notified Communities

Session 10: Gender and Migration  (Online )

S.noTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the Paper
111:15A.M- 11:30 P.MDr Bhavna WalWomen and International Migration : Challenging entrenched gender inequalities
211:30 A.M – 11:45 A.MAnjali Elsa SkariahConstructing Migrant Wellbeing: A Case of Malayali Women migrants in the US
311:45 A.M- 12:00 P.MAjanya Suraj and Shaharban. VExploring the Trend, Pattern and Determinants pf Female Migration In India
412:00 P.M  – 12:15 P.MSoni WadhwaSymptoms of Inefficient Rehabilitation: The Barracks of Ulhasnagar as an Example of Informal Settlements
512:15 P.M – 12:30 P.MVaibhav GaurMigration- Tracing the lesser talked about Causes of Sexuality
612:30 P.M – 12: 45 P.MSanthini PaulGender, Migration and Development- A Case of Female Migrant Domestic Workers from Kerala to Gulf Countries
712:45 P.M – 1:00 P.MAnulakshmi Sankar VAchieving the Gender Equality: A Study of Women labour migrants of Kerala.
81:00 P.M – 1:15 P.MAyushi BasoyaIntensity of Seasonal Migration and Implications for Household Consumption of Left-behind Families: Analysis of East Indian Villages

Session 11 – Invisible Forced Migrants and Undocumented Workers

(Armaity S Desai Hall)

S.NoTimeName of the Presenters Title of the Paper
12:00 P.M – 2: 15 P.M  Bijulal M V, Amith Binesh, Ammini K Wayanad  Dimensions of Bareness in the Adivasi Inter-sate Migrant workers from Wayanad, Kerla
22:15 P.M – 2:30 P.MLatasha Hemant Rane, Dr Vishalakshi, Archana Nihar BadiwaleIdentifying unidentified workforce: A socio-Economic Assessment of Brick Kiln Workers from Daund Block in Pune, Maharashtra
32:30 P.M – 2:45 P.MKuldeepsingh RajputMigrating Children, Education and Alternative Learning Spaces
42:45 P.M – 3:00 P.MJenikrishna M UHealth issues of Inter-state migrants working in the Marine sector of Kerala.
53: 00 P.M – 3:15 P.MShubhi BelwalMetamorphosis of Sikkim: Navigating Conflict and Concord

Session 12 -Invisible Forced Migrants and Undocumented Workers’ (Online )

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the paper
12:00 P.M – 2: 15 P.MFarhab KP, Abu Tahir Sharon Mariam George,A Case Study on Undocumented Migrant Workers in Chandigarh
22:15 P.M – 2:30 P.MRohitPatterns, Determinants and Impact of Migration on Migrant Brick Kiln Workers in Haryana
32:30 P.M – 2:45 P.MNavas M Khadar , Anjusha Invisible Labor: Exploring Challenges and Rights of  Undocumented Interstate Migrant Workers in Kerala
42:45 P.M – 3:00 P.MGriva RavalJourneying for Livelihood: Exploring the Dynamics and Impact of Domestic Workers’ Migration
53: 00 P.M – 3:15 P.MDevan B, Mariya shibuUndocumented Fishing Migrants In Kerala: A Case Study of Alappad Grama Panchayath
63:15 P.M – 3 : 30 P.MKiran BadoniExamining Demographic Characteristics and Access to Basic Amenities among Transgender Individuals in Urban Noida, Uttar Pradesh: A Study of Migration Factors and Socio-Economic Implications
73:30P.M – 3:45 P.MEsha AteyRefugees in the EU and the SDG’s: Decoding Inclusivity of Refugees in Assessment System of SDGs and Progress Towards Refugees
83: 45 P.M  – 4:00 P.MRavleen Kour Social Integration of Skilled Migrants at Destination: Insights from Jammu & Kashmir
94:00 P.M- 4:15P.MMs.Saba Ahmed“Sangathan Mein Shakti”: Exploring the Relationship between ILO Conventions and SEWA

Session 13: Emerging issues in migration

(Armaity S Desai Hall)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the paper
13:45 P.M  – 4:00 P.MDeepika SinghGender and Migration: the intersectional lived experiences of migrant domestic workers in India
24:00 P.M  – 4:15 P.MChaithanya KGender, Transnationalism and War: Experiences of Migrated Malayali Nurses During the Iraq War in 2014
34:15 P.M  – 4:30 P.MNikitaUrban Housing, Migration, and Work in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals
     44.30 P.M – 4.45 P.MVipul JawalekarMaternal and Child Health Practices among Interstate Young Migrant Mothers in Rajasthan: A Challenge to Sustainable Migration Process

Session 14: Emerging Issues in Migration (Online)

S.NoTimeName of the PresentersTitle of the paper
13:45 P.M  – 4:00 P.MHarjinder Singh; Jitendra Kumar Pal; Dr. Sarbjeet SinghInternational Migration, Economic Transformation, and Development Strategies:  A Comparative Analysis of South and East Asian Economies
24:00 P.M  – 4:15 P.MRani UnnamaliMigration of Labour: Perception, Reception and Politics in Tamil Nadu
34:15 P.M  – 4:30 P.MJyothi VCovid-19 Pandemic in Kerala: The Role of State in Disaster Management
44:30 P.M  – 4:45 P.MSoumyajit Bhunia“Cogs of Security and Progress: Exploring the Factors Shaping Government Expenditure on Defense and Civilian Goods”
54:45 P.M  – 5:00  P.MSanjana SharmaOutmigration of Namdhari Sikhs to United Kingdom
65: 00 P. M – 5:15 P.MHariprasad V MExploring the Challenges Faced by Tamil Migrant Workers in Kerala’s Sanitation Service Delivery: A case study of Alleppey town in Kerala
75:15 P.M – 5:30 P.MPrem Shankar Mishra and Dr.Ruchi SinghMigration, Health And Sustainable Development Goals: An Investigation o f Disease Prevalence With Migration Status Among Older Adults in India
85:30 P.M – 5:45 P.MBanila CUnderstanding the intentions Of return migrants; Exploring reintegration and remigration after Covid 19 Pandemic

Zoom Links:

15th December- Armaity S Desai Hall

Event: Inaugural and Welcome Address, Plenary and all in-person presentations: Armaity Desai Hall

Time: Dec 15, 2023 09:30 AM India

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Meeting ID: 931 7984 8509

15th December- Online Session 2-

 Migration Sustainable Development Goals: Thematic Session 2

Time: Dec 15, 2023 11:00 AM India

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Meeting ID: 982 6941 4655

15th December- Online Session 4-

Diaspora, Remittances and Development: Thematic Session 4

Time: Dec 15, 2023 03:30 PM India

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Meeting ID: 979 7557 7469

15th December- Online  Session 6-

Drivers of Labour Migration:Thematic Session 6

Time: Dec 15, 2023 05:00 PM India

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Meeting ID: 984 0966 8226

Day 2 -16th December – Armaity S Desai Hall

Topic: In-Person Presentations and Valedictory Ceremony

Time: Dec 16, 2023 09:30 AM India

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Meeting ID: 973 3275 9536

16th December- Online Session 8-

 Migration and Development Strategies: Thematic  Session 8

Time: Dec 16, 2023 09:30 AM India

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16th December- Online Session 10-

Gender and Migration: Thematic Session 10

Time: Dec 16, 2023 11:00 AM India

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16th December- Online Session 12-

 Invisible Forced Migrants and Undocumented Workers: Thematic Session 12

Time: Dec 16, 2023 02:00 PM India

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16th December- Online Session 14-

Emerging Issues in Migration: Thematic Session 14

Time: Dec 16, 2023 03:30 PM India

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