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Book Talk РThe Migration-Development Regime: How Class Shapes Indian Emigration by Dr.Rina Agarwala 

Registration started for the Eighth Batch of Techniques and Analysis in Migration Research which will be commensed on June 1, 2023



Kerala Migration Survey 2023 takes place through Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation under the direction of Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan, Visiting Fellow, GIFT and Chair, IIMAD which is funded by the Government of Kerala.

Our Founder President Dr. K.C. Zachariah departed us on 17th January 2023. 

Chair is part of both Jharkhand Migration Survey 2023 (10000 households) and Odisha Migration Survey 2023 (15000 households)



Second International conference on Inclusive Futures: Forging an interdisciplinary dialogue in aging research and practice

Published on April 3, 2023


Event Date

October 4, 2023 9:00 am (IST)

Event Venue

Location - FLAME University, Pune

Event Date: October 4-5, 2023
Event Venue: FLAME University, Pune

Gerontological research in India, despite its significant empirical and policy contributions, remains divided in terms of disciplinary exchanges and collaborations. The goal of this Conference will be to explore fruitful areas of exchange between the social sciences and clinical interventions of aging research by borrowing and adapting theories, methods, vocabularies and interventions.  Specifically, the conference invites researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines including public health, demography, medicine, social work and nursing to present innovative research and theoretical findings that (1) improves overall well-being of older persons through person-centered interventions and theoretical provocations, (2) sharpens the link between research and practice, and finally, (3) facilitate a cross-disciplinary dialogue to imagine inclusive aging futures. We envision this conference to be a landmark intellectual event in generating futuristic gerontological knowledge in dementia, geriatric mental health, long-term care, retirement and technologies around aging in this country. Overall, by stimulating communications between researchers and those in practice, the Conference promises to contribute to the formulation of better policies and effective interventions in geriatric care.

Examples of topics might include but not limited to:

  • Family and caregiving
  • (Inclusive) Senior housing communities
  • Innovative practices in geriatric mental health (how do we deinstitutionalize long-term senior care?)
  • Rethinking community engagement models
  • Technologies for aging/Digital Aging (Human-non-human interface in senior care)
  • How can we use multiple cultural forms (music, art and theatre) in advancing professional practice in aging?
  • Methodological advances in geriatric intervention research
  • Smart home technologies and aging-in-place

Conference structure: We will follow a symposium-style format where papers submitted will be presented under broad thematic areas. Authors will have a chance to engage in a discussion and get feedback from experts to arrive at collaborative directions in future research and interventions. We welcome paper abstracts not exceeding 500 words and author bio to be submitted by June 15, 2023.

Abstracts will be assessed based on their originality, innovation and methodological robustness. Participants will be expected to submit their complete manuscripts (or, in exceptional cases, an extended conceptual note) before the conference. This is done to ensure that panelists for the thematic areas are able to read and prepare feedback on the papers.

In addition to thematic sessions, the Conference will have a keynote and invited plenary speakers by researchers and practitioners who are pioneers in their fields.

Outcome: We anticipate two main deliverables. 1) We intend to invite selected papers to be submitted for a Special Issue in a top peer reviewed journal that covers social, behavioral and health dimensions of aging. 2) We aim to start an online research consortium that will facilitate an ongoing dialogue and exchange among academic peers, stakeholders and practitioners. This online (open-access) platform will host op-ed pieces, blogs and notes from the field by experts and thought leaders in geriatric care.

Key dates

Abstract submission portal openApril 15-June 15, 2023
Acceptance notificationJune 30, 2023
Complete manuscript submissionSeptember 1, 2023
Conference registration deadlineSeptember 30, 2023
Conference (Offline)Oct 4-5, 2023
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For queries, please email: info@iimad.org



S Irudaya Rajan

S Irudaya Rajan

Chair, IIMAD

The International Institute of Migration and Development

Tannistha Samanta

Tannistha Samanta

Associate Professor, Sociology

FLAME University, Pune

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